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                                  Administration Regulations for Language Students






                                  Part OneBehavior

                                  一、课堂行为规范: The Behavior Criterion in Classroom:

                                  1学生应该做到不旷课、不迟到、不早退 。

                                  Students should not be absent or late, or leave early.


                                  2、学生上课认真听讲 ,不得做与上课不相关的事情 ,按时完成作业 。

                                  Students must be serious-minded and can’t do other activities irrelevant for the teaching contents in class. Students should complete all the homework on time.


                                  3、私人书籍和用具不应留在教室内 。如果丢失 ,我们不予赔偿 。

                                  The private books and things shouldn’t be left in classrooms, and we don’t pay for the lost things.


                                  4、学生应该尊重不同的文化和宗教信仰 。

                                  Students should respect different culture and religion.


                                  5、若学生旷课50%以上 ,不予结业证书 。

                                  We wouldn’t give your the certificate if the students cut class more than 50%.



                                  Part Two Visa

                                  1学习少于六个月的 ,由我们协助办理X2签证 ;学习超过六个月的 ,由我们协助办理X1签证 。

                                  Academy will issue related docs of Residential Permit. For students who will stay in China exceeding 6 months should obtain X1 Visa. For students who will stay in China within 6 months should obtain x2 visa.


                                  2 ,对于已经协助办理签证 ,但是没有到校学习报到者 ,我们会申请协助取消签证 。

                                  We will apply to cancel the student’s visa if the students don’t register.


                                  3 ,如果学生因在外工作而旷课 ,我们可以申请取消学生签证 ,且不予退还费用 。

                                  We have the right to cancel the student’s visa if the students who have students’ visa have work. And we wouldn’t refund any fee.



                                  Part There Fee

                                  1开具发票以后 ,我们不予退本学期学费、住宿费、书费和报名费 。

                                  We don’t refund the tuition, book fee, accommodation fee and registration fee of this semester after we get the receipt from the financial department.


                                  2因学生自己原因不能来上课 ,不予补课 ,也不予退还相关费用 。

                                  We don’t refund the fee and make up the missed lessons because of the students.


                                  3若一次性付一年的学费 ,第二个学期还没有开始 ,可以申请退还第二个学期的学费 ,但会扣除学费的10%(包含税费和手续费) 。

                                  The students who pay 1 year’s tuition can get 90% of the next semester’s tuition if the students apply before the next semester.



                                  Part Four Dormitory

                                  1学生不得留宿外来人员 ,应在23:00前离开

                                  Students are not allowed to keep a guest overnight. The guest should leave before 23:00.


                                  2 ,学生转让、出租其床位给他人 ,或者私自调换房间 。

                                  Students are not allowed to transfer, rent his bed to someone else, or exchange his room.


                                  3爱护公用设施 ,如家具、电器 。若有人为损坏 ,须照价赔偿 。

                                  Protect the public facilities, such as furniture, electrical equipment. If there is any artificial damage in the facilities, you will be required to compensate it according to the original price


                                  4保持室内外卫生 ,不得随意涂划张贴 ,不得乱扔垃圾 ,不得在公寓内饲养宠物 。

                                  Dormitories should be kept clean. It is not allowed to doodling, dropping garbage and keeping of pet animals.


                                  5保持宿舍的安静 ,不要高声喧哗或播放高音量音响 。

                                  Keep quit. Don’t make loud noise.


                                  6留学生活动室为聚会场所 。聚会时 ,不可大声喧哗、不可播放高音量音响 ,以免影响其他学生的学习和休息 。聚会必须在23:00前结束 。

                                  Please don’t make noise when you hold a party in the activity room. And the party should be finished before 23:00.


                                  7外出请在24:00前返回 ,若离开上海超过3天请提前告知宿管人员 。

                                  Students should go back before 00:00. And you should let the dorm administrators know if you will not be in Shanghai more than 3 days.



                                  The use of high-power electrical appliances (> 700w) in student dormitories is strictly prohibited.


                                  9注意个人财务的安全 。请勿将大量现金、贵重物品存放室内 。

                                  Please pay attention to property security. Don’t save a lot of money or other valuables in your dorm.


                                  10请记住以下电话号码:救护120 ,公安110 ,火警119

                                  please dail 110 for police, 119 for fire, 120 for ambulance.